Reports and statistics

Reports in Customer Monitor

Output compilations from the current view

The CM´s philosophy is the option to record whatever you have displayed on your screen. You´ll tune the filtration according to your needs, and press the icon for export. That´s why there´s an export icon into MS Excel format on every information page in the CM Portal. The set filter may be also saved in some cases.

Prearranged compilations of reports and stats

The CM contains a vast number of prearranged reports and stats and in many of these, you can tune the content by your preferences. In case you need a brand new type of report, which cannot be acquired by personalization of existing reports, contact us and we will prepare it for you.

Automatic sending of selected compilations

In CM you have an option to send selected reports automatically in electronic form to any address. The required report can get, without access to CM, to a superior worker, manager or directly to the customer. Speed up your mutual communication and enhance your efficiency!

More information about reports can be found in the Component
CM Reports