Premium service solutions - Tweaks

Customer Monitor is more than just a standard tool

In CM, there´s a lot of functions comparable with competition, but it has functions, that you wouldn´t find in any other product. They are the outcome of finding answers to practical questions. Many of them are realized as separate functions in CM (for instance the condition in Online monitoring Watches) or are the results of combining multiple elements of CM. Therefore, it´s worth to know the CM very well – it gives you an edge over the competition.

Selected examples of premium solutions can be found in the sections:

1. Improving comfort for the end user

Selection of tweaks :
Notifying the user about a failed connection with an application in Cloud, in a decent way.    
Backup with self-turn on of computer and shutdown after the end of backup.
User with limited authorizations can launch selected programs as admin.
Start of programs after turning on the computer or after login, just in the order required by the applications.

2. Improving the environment and awareness of technicians

Graphic presentation of access rights in NTFS (Permission Explorer) - correct us if we're wrong, but we haven´t found anyone in the world, who would create such function.

Autonomy of the C-Monitor client - many monitoring software work on a principle, that they´re executors of central commands and when they lose connection, they don´t perform any actions. The C-Monitor works in reverse. C-Monitor client performs functions regardless of connection with the control center and after the connection is restored, sends the results or progress of the monitored values. Settings of monitoring or scheduled tasks can be realized without online connection with the control center – CM Server, and when connection is restored, the changes are transferred to the CM Server.

2-month detailed storing of values from the Online monitoring (Watches), resp. up to 150 thousand is kept from every computer. Many systems lose detailed view of progress of the monitored value already after few days, but problems are sometimes solved longer and you may need to see the progress detail from a month ago. In CM, this is a standard functionality.

Start of ordinary postponed C-Image backup in a virtual drive - You´d say that today, migration of a running server or computer is a common thing, but this only applies when the computer is running and functional. But what if the computer is broken, you don´t have identical hardware and it needs to be put to its original state after restore? You´ll find out, that to get a running machine from offline backup into a virtual drive, is not exactly an easy task and you may not succeed at all, even after days of trying. In C-Image this is a functionality with standard procedure.


Many other examples could be written here, since absolute majority of functions implemented into CM is programmed in order to offer more than the competition. Get to know the entire CM also thanks to this web page, and we believe you´ll find other unique functions, which will bring you higher value and either save your time and resources or give you an advantage over the competition.