Customer Monitor backs up your data :

 Certainly and safely

   Monitoring and notification of failed backups including the missed ones
   Verification algorithms in backups
   Every backup has an option to be secured by encryption with password
   Every backup can write into a network storage under a different user than it's running

 Without interrupting the operation

    All types of backup have a way to consistently save the opened and used files

 In any form on a server or a computer

   Backups of directories and selected individual files
   Backups of image disks

 Entire virtual servers

   Natively supported backup of virtual machines vmware vSphere and Hyper-V

 With easy access to backed up data 

   Access to individual files from backed up Image
   Access to individual files from backed up virtual machines
   Unique function of launching a backed up image of computer disks in a virtual machine.

 Support for other backup programs

   By analyzing the output log in CM External programs, you gain control of another backup program or backup processes (i.e. SQL Backups)

Conrete solutions are realized by the Components :
CM Backup
CM Maintanace Tasks -> External programs