CM Audit SW

Software audit enables to gain overview of installed and purchased software. Data collection runs automatically on daily basis through the program module Descript.exe. Then, at processing on the CM Server, it is defined which software requires a license or is a freeware and the system generates prior displays.

Typical properties of the component SW audit :

Automated collecting of installed software and distinguishing of licensed and freeware software
   Automatic detection 1x a day, immediately after installation of the C-Monitor client 

Evidence of purchased software according to invoices, comparison of purchased and found software 
   Evidence of purchased software based on acquisition documents and certificates.
   Optional pairing of found software and input documents.

Additional manual evidence of software for other devices
   For evidence of software licenses also on other computers (i.e. LINUX, Mac) or on Smartphones, copiers…

Monitoring of license expiry and warning via CM Errors
    Evaluation based on a given time validity,
    Indications in the mutual section Errors

     Comparison of total number of installed programs and purchased licenses
     Reports with detailed specification in terms of device, programs, purchased SW…
     History of changes of installed programs

More detailed information at How CM works in the section Software audit

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