CM Maintenance Tasks

The Component CM Maintenance Tasks groups the options to perform regular service and prophylaxis.  These are for example:


Regular maintenance with the C-Monitor client

Besides ordinary maintenance acts as defragmentation, deletion of temporary directories, you may need to regularly reset the computer, reset a service, process and so on.
For more info, read the section How CM Works, article for Automated PC Maintenance via C-Monitor.


Control of other maintenance applications through “External programs”

If you or your customers use applications from various manufacturers on a regular basis, in a well-managed company, this kind of process is under control. One of fairly simple ways is to catch the log and forward it to the CM Server for a check according to appearance of key words. In the CM Server, there´s also an interval defined, in which the process should repeat and if there´s one to be missed out (log not delivered), the CM Server creates an error message.
For more information, read the section How CM Works, article for External programs.


Peculiar tasks fulfilled by functionality of the C-Monitor client -

Into regular maintenance could be also included completely specific tasks based on the customer´s needs. C-Monitor is outstanding by its options to create a combination of tests, following actions in the required sequence, which would hardly be realized by other methods. For the needs of maintenance, this could mean for instance conditional (podmienené) launch of a script for indexation of database, just in the case of successful backup. Or restriction of performing a particular operation (usually software upgrade or remote backup), only if no one is logged in. When someone is logged in, he reports it or forcibly terminates the connections. We want to inspire you, that with a good knowledge of the C-Monitor, you have a very powerful tool in your hands, with which even common maintenance acts become easier, safer and more reliable.
For more information read the illustrational practice example.

Regular tasks (separate component C-Desk Periodic tasks)

(C-Desk) scheduling and notifying of your visits or contacting a customer, of any maintenance acts performed by workers.
For more information read the section How CM works, article for Periodic tasks..