Important upgrade to new version 2.6

Main Features

New Features

> COMMON new functions

> CUSTOMER DESK - new functions

> CM PORTAL - new technical functions

> C-MONITOR client - new functions


Changes and Updates

> COMMON changes and updates

> CUSTOMER DESK - changes and updates

> CM PORTAL - changes and updates in technical functions

> C-MONITOR - changes and updates in technical functions


> Fixes of critical bugs

  • FTP backups performed in the binary mode through C-BackupPlus up to version 2.5.345.0 (all versions of C-Backups within the C-MSetup packages up to 2.5.574.0) may be faulty. All it takes to fix this is to update by the package C-MSetup 2.6.628.0 and run a new backup.
  • There's been an incorrect dividing of licensed and non-licensed software in the CM server version c2.5-n325. The bug is fixed by CM Server upgrade to version 2.6.-n348, by our support's intervention and finally by  receiving a new full Descript into the CM Server.
  • occupying the memory and in Watch in the condition Process usage.
  • Descript - oprava inštalačného dátumu MS Office uvádzaného v Zóne OS a Office info kde bol ako dátum inštalácie MS Office udávaný dátum poslednej aktualizácie MS Office. (v SW audite bol v poriadku)
  • Descript - fix of the MS Office installation date stated in the OS Zone and Office info, where there's been stated, as the MS Office installation date, the date of the last MS Office update. (it was correct in the SW audit).

> Corrections to event bugs

  • Elimination of false warnings of SMART errors from Lenovo laptops. The manufacturer has incorrectly filled the parameter "[197] [197] Current pending sector count" for Seagate drives assembled during the production.