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C-Monitor (Mac) OS X client

C-Monitor for Mac OS X, just like the version for Linux and FreeBSD, is similar to the windows version by its internal structure, because its implemented functionalities are equivalent, and it also communicates with the CM server through the same protocol.

Therefore, Java is the main external dependency for installation, which must be fulfilled for successful C-Monitor installation, namely the required version is Java SE 6 or higher. There are also other dependencies, which are, however, linked to pre-installed programs, namely from the BSD package. Java was chosen mainly for its flexibility and safety.

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Installation - procedure, course and ways of installation

Update - procedure of update for already existing C-Monitor clients

Range of offered information - list of supported functionalities

Uninstallation - ways and procedure of how to uninstall C-Monitor client 

Supported editionslist of supported versions of Mac OS X for the current version of C-Monitor client