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Personalization of CM for you

CUSTOMER MONITOR®  has several tools to magnify your identity in the solution. There are two basic levels of customization of CM for you. The criterion is the address, by which you access CM portal:

1. basic default address: (in the rental mode) - read more information in the submenu Personalization without custom domain​ 

2. custom domain in the address, for example cm.your-company.xx (may be in the rental mode or with purchased CM server). This is an extended and recommended mode, which has considerably more features. Keep reading.

CUSTOMER MONITOR® portal with custom domain in the access address can adapt to you in these other areas :

- Contacts and text on the login screen

- Webform of a new request

- Installation setup of WIN C-Monitor with your logo

- Archive of files to download from the CM server

Logos in CM portal are adjusted exactly as in the case of custom domain in the access address. Order and setup of access address with a custom domain is described in the submenu Activation of custom domain