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Data transferred through the internet - Internet Bandwith Monitor

Monitoring of data transfer through the internet has great importance for IT management. Today, internet doesn't only pose benefits, but also threats, which need to stay under control. Monitoring of internet transfers in Customer Monitor doesn't interfere with the user's privacy - it does not collect information about visited webpages. The focus is on revealing the limit states that influence other users, such as overload of the line with simple determination of the process, and what location are the data transferred to. The aim is also to help determine attributes of harmful codes (trojan horses). By using Internet Bandwidth Monitor, you can view information about the amount of transferred data for the entire network or just a specific computer in a required time interval.

Supported OS: 32bit a 64bit of the following systems : WINDOWS XP, VISTA, 7,  2003, 2008.   Systems WIN8/2012 will be supported during 2014 (you can ask for the testing version from the second half of 2014).

Warning: Monitoring of internet transfers is defaultly disabled, it can be enabled in customer settings, in section Admin zone -> Main menu -> Customers -> Specific customer -> tab Technical settings -> section Parameters for monitoring of internet transfers -> select the option enable monitoring of internet transfers. This setup will automatically enable the internet transfer monitoring for all computers registered after this option was enabled. For computers registered before, the internet transfer monitoring has to be enabled in C-Monitor settings, in section Admin zone -> C-Monitor client -> C-Monitor settings on PC -> select a concrete customer or PC (to edit more PC at once, select them on the left side, and then press Edit selected) -> section Parameters for monitoring of internet transfers -> select the option enable monitoring of internet transfers.

More information about individual output types can be found in the following articles:

Breakdown according to IP addresses ( WIN32, x64) - partitioning of transferred data according to IP addresses

Breakdown according to applications (WIN32,  x64) - output with partitioning of transferred data according to applications

Breakdown according to ports (WIN32, x64) - partitioning of transferred data according to ports for the transfer

Summary overviews for computers in LAN (WIN32, x64) - overviews for the whole network, reports

Transfer speed on netw. adapters (WIN32, x64) - Watches conditions for monitoring of transfer speed, online information