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The application is a support application of the C-Monitor, it serves to:

  • creation, browsing and modification of lists of tasks, which should be launched by the application   C-Monitor functional part
  • mediation of information about running C-Monitor applications and their tasks
  • accessing records, logs and history of C-Monitor activity

More information about individual sections of C-MonitorConsole can be found in the submenu

Scheduling of tasks - procedure how to schedule a periodically launched task
Synchronization of task launching - continuity of launching subsequent periodic tasks
States of scheduled tasks - view of the current state of a scheduled task
Watches states and logs - view of the current state of a Watch and log from history of its process
System info - view of processes, which currently load the computer, and other system information
Network info - information about load of nework adapters
Log with information about C-Monitor activity - C-Monitor Current Log
Email communication from C-Monitor - information about communication between C-Monitor and CM Server

The application's window is divided to two basic parts - in the left part there's a navigation panel that serves to selection / switching of functional parts, categories that are displayed on the right part. On the following image, you can see the functional part "Scheduler".

Launching the functional part Scheduler

Image: Otvorenie funkčnej časti Scheduler

Scheduler is a part of the application C-MonitorConsole, which serves to creation, browsing and modification of lists of tasks, which should be launched by C-Monitor. The section Scheduler opens automatically after the application C-MonitorConsole is launched

Scheduler description of its components

Image: Scheduler a popis jeho častí

Read more about C-MonitorConsole in the manual C-MonitorConsole.

Otvorenie funkčnej časti SchedulerScheduler a popis jeho častí