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Outages and quality of internet connections

Notification of lower internet connection quality
In the solution CM, quality of internet connection is monitored by tests of Ping packet loss and Ping Round Trip Time (also called response time, hereinafter RTT) executed from C-Monitor client or from CM Portal. The options of Ping PL,RTT monitoring are described in the submenu.

Ping PL,RTT via Online information - monitoring of internet connection quality is launched on CM Portal and the results are displayed in the section Online information

Ping PL,RTT via Watches - setup of internet connection quality monitoring by configuration of tracking conditions of Ping PL,RTT by Watches directly from the C-Monitor client

Ping PL,RTT in the Info panel  - view and evaluation of an internet line quality, and view of the results in the Info panel

Ftp speed via Watch - setup of Watches condition for monitoring of Ftp transfer speed

Ftp speed via Online information - nastavenie sledovania Ftp prenosovej rýchlosti priamo na CM portáli a zobrazenie výsledkov v časti Online informácie
setup of Ftp transfer speed monitoring directly on CM portal, and view of the results in the section Online information