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Range of offered information

The current version of C-Monitor for MAC OS supports these functionalities

1. computer information in the form of Descript (in a lesser extent than the Windows version):

  • information about OS (version, currently logged users)
  • list of installed software
  • list of installed printers
  • CPU type
  • size of RAM
  • free space on disk partitions
  • model and serial number of the computer
  •  network adapters, their IP addresses and IP addresses of gateway devices

2. online information:

  • CPU load
  • usage of RAM and swap
  • listing of processes that load CPU and memory the most
  • network transfers according to particular adapters
  • transfers and loads of disks
  • computer uptime

3. watches:

  • CPU load
  • usage of RAM and swap
  • free space on disk
  • load of disk
  • load average statistics
  • monitoring of a process's progress
  • network transfers according to individual adapters
  • availability of a particular target station (ping)
  • ping round-trip-time of a target station
  • ping packet loss of a target station
  • HTTP(s) server response
  • detection of OS start (restartu) 
  • system uptime

4. remote access to the currently logged user's Desktop (via the program TeamViewer and CM portal)