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Start / Restart of a computer

CUSTOMER MONITOR enables to monitor start, or restart of the operating system.

Detection of computer start/restart is based on running time of the operating system. Due to historical reasons, there are two options for setup of restart monitoring in CM.

1. via condition Windows Running time (resp. OS system started for other OS)
2. via condition Operating system started

Except a small difference in the setup, they vary mostly in the displayed value in overview of Watches. The condition Windows Running time always provides the current value of how long is the monitored operating system running. The condition Operating system started only provides the option YES/NO, and reflects whether has the operating system started during a defined time. Using this Watches conditions, it's efficient to track start of the operating system on servers and other important computers.

The setup can be found in the submenu below, or in the following links:

for Windows OS via C-Monitor  (C-MonitorConsole)
for all OS (inluding OS Windows) via CM Portal

If you don't need error messages of how long has the computer been running since the last operating system start, but only look it up when necessary, this information can be found at Online information. Read more here.

Tip : this condition is useful for solving many cases, whose cause is computer restart. For instance, UPS with weak batteries, instability-freezing of working PC (limited to time, when the computer shouldn't be restarted), short power outages, etc.