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Range of offered information

The Linux version of CMonitor, modeled according to the windows version, sequentially implements its behaviour. Currently, the following functionalities are available.

1. Gathering of a computer's hardware information in the form of Descript (in a lesser extent than the Windows Descript version, a lot of information vary according to the type and version of OS)

2. Online information (CPU load, RAM and swap usage, listing of processes that load CPU and memory the most, computer uptime, network transfers according to adapters, disk load according to the largest usage)

3. Watches

  • CPU load
  • memory usage
  • free disk space
  • whether a process is running
  • availability of a particular target station (ping)
  • ping round-trip-time of a target station
  • ping packet loss of a target station
  • load of disk/partition according to transferred data or percentually
  • usage of network adapters
  • load average stats
  • check of HTTP(s) response to a given string