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CM Server ( CM Portal )

The CM Server runs on LINUX platform, using PHP5, Apache, MySQL5, is based on InnoDB 64-bit transaction database, front end is based on PHP script language and its graphic interface – CM Portal is accessible through internet browser. However, these data are not really relevant to you, as you gain a preconfigured environment, also in the case of custom server. CM Server is conceptually prepared from simple to more complex environment, i.e. companies that manage their own customers, have their own technicians, external technicians only for selected customers, services and so on. If you have a simpler environment, you don’t have to use all of the services offered at the configuration.

Web-interface of the CM Server is called CM Portal. If you use CM in the rental mode, you may access the CM Portal through the shared address (valid since version 2.6, the known address remains functional), or in case you ordered your custom address, use that one. If you have your custom CM Server, then of course access the CM Portal by your chosen address.


Installation - CM Server installation, initial configuration settings

Basic portal sections - description of basic sections of the CM portal (Admin zone, Presentation and Evaluation, Customer Desk)

Creation of customer - the procedure of customer creation

Roles of access to CM Portal and authorizations - definition of various types of access to the CM Server

Options for searching on the CM Portal - description of searching methods in CM Portal 

Settings and notification of errors  - adjustment of notification about errors and parameters for error evaluation 

Blocking of error evaluation - ways of blocking evaluation of selected types of errors

Overview of data history time - time periods of keeping data history

Important files from the C-Monitor client on CM Portal - files downloaded from computers and their significance

Archive of deleted objects - archive of deleted computers, information from zones and archive of removed customers

Selected functions of the C-Monitor client controlled from CM Portal - Many C-Monitor functions installed on computers may be controlled remotely from the CM Portal