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In this section, you'll find out how easily and fast can you figure outages of servers or PCs. Information about online connection can be viewed in the section Presentation and Evaluation -> Presentation -> Online Information. Search for the required device using the upper filter, and right after you open it, you'll be able to see information about the computer's uptime, i.e. how long has the device been turned on. To view online connection, press the button show history, as displayed on the next image. History through Online Information can be viewed max. two days ago.

Entry to history of online information

Image: Vstup do histórie online informácií

Bigger outages can be viewed in a graph, the information received from PC or server are recorded every three minutes.

View of a communication outage in a graph

Image: Zobrazenie výpadku komunikácie pomocou grafu

You also have an option to view online connection and information in a table form.

Switch to table

Image: Prepnutie na tabuľku

In the table, you have a simple overview of when was the information about the current state of the device last sent.

Information are recorded maximum every 3 minutes (which can be changed to every 30sec), when information about the computer's Uptime, load of CPU, memory, disk... must be received. These information, also with the time sample, can be viewed in the table history of Online information

View of an outage in online connection

Image: Zobrazenie výpadku v onlline spojení


Vstup do histórie online informáciíZobrazenie výpadku komunikácie pomocou grafuPrepnutie na tabuľkuZobrazenie výpadku v onlline spojení