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The following article describes the ways to uninstall the C-Monitor Mac OS X client from a computer.
There are two possible ways of the uninstallation:

1. Uninstall through C-Monitor by a console command

It's possible to uninstall the client locally on the given computer, by entering this command in the application Terminal:

sudo cmonitor-uninstall

The way of uninstallation through Terminal is only available for a user with admin authorizations, who has a password set (i.e. does not have a blank password)

2. Uninstall through CM portal

Uninstallation through CM portal is carried out at Admin zone -> Main menu -> Computers, find concrete computer(s) through the upper filter, select those on which you want to uninstall C-Monitor and press the button Uninstall C-Monitor from selected, as displayed on the following image. The uninstallation will then run automatically.

C-Monitor Mac OS X client uninstallation through CM portal

Image: Odinštalácia C-Monitor MAC OS klienta cez CM portál
Odinštalácia C-Monitor MAC OS klienta cez CM portál