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C-Monitor Windows client

The application package C-Monitor is designed for the Windows platform (Windows 2000, XP and higher, including Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012). Compatibility with older systems, such as Windows 95 or 98 is not supplemented anymore, therefore work on older systems may not be on 100%. There are minimum hardware requirements for C-monitor's function, but we recommend at least 512MB RAM. C-Monitor may be launched on a computer in two modes; as an application or as a service.

More information about important sections and functions can be found in the submenu.

Installation - different installation options and their procedure

Updateprocedure for C-Monitor client update

Uninstallation - options and procedure to uninstall the C-Monitor client

Information panel - basic computer data and navigation to scheduled tasks

C-MonitorConsole - it's function is to offer a transparent environment for management of C-Monitor's client software to the technical staff

C-Monitor Modules - overview of modules and their traits

Utilities - information about the IP scanner utility

List of file extensions - overview of common file extensions in C-Monitor client

Check of connection with CM server - an easy way to check the function of connection between the C-Monitor client and CM server