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CM Server installation

Installation of CM Server in case of rental runs just by registration of maintainer access and subsequent adjustment of the environment under the logged Maintainer - after the first login through a maintainer account, you'll be automatically prompted to create a maintainer company, the procedure of its creation is described in the section Activation of maintainer company. Then you shall adjust the CM Server environment under the logged maintainer, description of these settings is further specified in the section Maintainer.

Installation of CM server is performed only in case of custom CM server.

CM server is operated under operating system Linux.

The installation is performed by the producer of the Customer Monitor system -  contact on producer, the installation runs remotely, by allowing access to server.       

To operate the server, you don't need Linux specialists; maintenance, backup and update are performed by the SW producer, within the maintenance fee. Also other services may be ordered, e.g. restore of CM server function after a HW failure.

HW a SW requirements for server operation are described in the section
požiadavky na prevádzku  servera sú bližšie popísané v časti HW and SW requirements.