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Setup of monitoring of operating system restart through CM Portal

Another option to add a new watch to monitor start of the operating system is CM Portal. Using it is efficient for remote watch addition for a C-Monitor client without the need to directly access the computer's C-Monitor console. 
This method of adding watches is also used for MacOS a Linux operating systems.

By clicking on "Watches - settings" in Admin zone, you can add watches to individual computers. You may then click on "Display watches" for the selected computer.

Image: Adding a new watch through CM Portal

Image: Obrázok: Pridanie nového watchu cez CM portál

You'll see a list of current watches, if there already any on the computer.
By pressing "Add Watch" in the top right corner of the CM Portal, you'll start the creation.

Name the new watch and press "Continue"

Image: Naming the new watch and setup of parameters

Image: Obrázok: Pomenovanie nového watchu a nastavenie parametrov

Then choose the option "Add condition" to add conditions for the watch.
Image: Addition of watch condition

For Microsoft operating systems, select the condition "Windows running time".
Suitable setup of operator, time since start of the OS and minimal value change, will secure correct notification about a performed restart.
After finishing the setup, save the settings to CM Server by clicking on "Apply"

Image: Setup of conditions and saving the watch

Image: Obrázok: Nastavenie podmienok a uloženie watchu

For operating systems MacOS and Linux, it's necessary to use the condition "Operating system started". It is possible to use this condition on Microsoft operating systems as well.

Image: Selection of condition Operating System started

Image: Obrázok: Výber podmienky Operating System started

If needed, the watch can later be edited (1), or added an action (2) (for setup of Actions, read here). If setup of the watch is completed, it has to be sent to C-Monitor by clicking on "Update" (3).

Image: Submission of the prepared watch to C-Monitor

Image: Obrázok: Odoslanie pripraveného watchu do C-Monitoru


When the new watch is received by C-Monitor, the operator is going to be notified about every change of the watch's state, i.e. about each restart of the operating system.


Current status and check of the last restart can be verified on CM portal at "Presentation and evaluation" > "Watches (Online monitoring)"

Obrázok: Pridanie nového watchu cez CM portál Obrázok: Pomenovanie nového watchu a nastavenie parametrovObrázok: Pridanie podmienky watchuObrázok: Nastavenie podmienok a uloženie watchuObrázok: Odoslanie pripraveného watchu do C-MonitoruObrázok: Výber podmienky Operating System started