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How to get started

The steps required to begin working with Customer Monitor:

1. Create a maintainer access to the CM portal - The creation is performed at Try CM. Overview of a maintainer account's functions is described in the section Access roles >> Maintainer.

2. Initial settings of CM portal - will be prompted automatically after login to the CM Portal. Read more about initial settings in the section CM Portal >> Initial settings of CM portal.

3. Adjust Helpdesk - description of Helpdesk settings is in the section Helpdesk Customer Desk. Contact us for optimal configuration in your company, the presentation regarding (not just) Helpdesk in CM, will be of your benefit.

4. Create first company (customer) in the CM portal - read more about creating a company (customer) in the section Creation of customer.

5. Create operator accounts and access for customers - procedure of creation of an operator account is described in the section Operators and groups and creation of a customer account is described in the section Customer account

6. If you´re going to use technical functions of CM, install the C-Monitor clients (for Win, OS X, Linux/FreeBSD) – procedure for installation of clients to computers, as well as supported OS versions are described in sections C-Monitor Windows client,  C-Monitor Linux client and C-Monitor (Mac) OS X client

After fulfilling steps 1-5, the system is ready for :

  • Work with helpdesk Customer Desk
  • Manual hardware evidence

After fulfilling step 6, the system is ready for :

  • View of computers data (HW configurations, installed software, selected OS setting)
  • Online information for the past 48 hours – such as loading of CPU, RAM, network adapters etc.
  • Notifying about incorrect standard parameters (based on samples 1x a day), such as low drive space, suspicious faulty disk, not updated antivirus, not updated OS Windows etc.

Next, we recommend you to set and process in the nearest step :

  • Create customer accounts
  • Set authorizations for Operators (i.e. remote access to a PC desktop, remote installations…)
  • Set online monitoring of availability of critical computers (mostly servers)
  • Set Backup
  • Set Online Monitoring Watches (i.e. free space on disk, network connections...)
  • Process the first SW audit, report about configuration and status of computers

Procedures of the settings and descriptions of other functions are listed in other articles of How CM works.