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Log with information about C-Monitor activity

C-Monitor creates a record of all important events it has processed during its operation, which are for instance: Requests sent from CM portal, it captures and displays the connection with CM portal - download and upload, record of executed tasks, it captures changes of Watches and completed actions from Watches.

C-Monitor Log may be viewed on several places, the options are desribed in the text below.

1. View via C-Monitor Console  

Enter into Scheduler through C-Monitor icon's tray menu, and select C-Monitor Current Log from the options on the left, as is displayed on the next image.

C-Monitor Current Log displayed through C-Monitor client's Scheduler

Image: C-Monitor Current Log zobrazený cez scheduler C-Monitor klienta

2. View via C-Monitor client - section Records

Select the option Records through C-Monitor icon's tray menu as displayed on the following image. By selecting Monitor Log current, you'll display C-Monitor Current Log for time period from launch of the C-Monitor client to the present. In case you want to view information from an older time period, select the option Monitor Log (archive), the outputs are shown on the images below.

View of the records through C-Monitor client

Monitor Log current

Image: Monitor Log aktuálny

Monitor Log (archive)

Image: Monitor Log (archív)


3. View via CM portal

You may also view C-Monitor Log via CM-portal for any device. Go to the section Admin zone -> C-Monitor client -> Files downloaded from computers -> select concrete device(s) through the upper filter and click on the button C-Monitor Log from selected, or on the button C-Monitor Log, as displayed on the following image.

Access to displaying the C-Monitor Log via CM portal

Image: Prístup k zobrazeniu C-Monitor Logu prostredníctvom CM portálu

In the next window, choose the time period for which you want the C-Monitor Log to be displayed, and press the button Request.

Selection of the time period you want to download to CM portal

Image: Výber časového obdobia, ktoré chcete stiahnuť na CM portál

When the C-Monitor Log is successfully loaded, at the bottom you'll see two files marked with numbers 1 and 2 on the next image. The file marked with number 1 may be opened in a text editor as you can see on the image. The second file will open automatically via C-Monitor client, if it's installed.

View of the C-Monitor Log

Image: Zobrazenie C-Monitor Logu


C-Monitor Current Log zobrazený cez scheduler C-Monitor klientaZobrazenie záznamov cez C-Monitor klientaMonitor Log aktuálnyMonitor Log (archív)Prístup k zobrazeniu C-Monitor Logu prostredníctvom CM portálu Výber časového obdobia, ktoré chcete stiahnuť na CM portálZobrazenie C-Monitor Logu