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Time restriction for counting of transferred data

Since version 2.7, there's an option in the system to set time restriction for counting of transferred data – this functionality serves to exclude times, in which monitoring of internet transfers shouldn't be evaluated. This is a time, when you're interested in what your workers are doing.

Time limitation for evaluation can be enabled in the section Admin zone -> C-Monitor client -> C-Monitor settings on PC -> specific PC -> section Parameters for monitoring of internet transfers  as you can see on the following image.

As we're not expecting this to be a commonly used functionality, we decided to keep the configuration in the form of text entry. There are also two examples listed in the section where the configuration of restriction is entered, which will make the setup easier.

Time restriction for counting of transferred data in Internet bandwith monitoring

Image: Časové obmedzenie počítania prenesených údajov v Internet bandwith monitoringu