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Monitoring of operating system startup

Check of the last start of the operating system monitored on CM Portal, in addition to Watches (Online monitoring) also via Online information.
CM Server takes care of notification of watch's state changes using Email notification

1) Monitoring by Watches (Online monitoring)

After login to Customer Monitor portal, select "Presentation and Evaluation" > "Watches (Online monitoring)". Here you can find online information about the watch's current state.

Watches (Online monitoring)

Image: Watches (Online monitoring)

2) Monitoring via Online Information

One of the parameters among Online information on CM Portal is the value of "Computer uptime", which informs about running time of the operating system since the last start.

Online information

Image: Online informácie

3) Informing by notification E-mail

When the operating system starts, time condition of the watch's "OK" state is not fulfilled, and the watch si switched to "Failed" state. Based on the "Failed" state, CM Server generates a notification Email, which informs the assigned operator about the status change.

Notification e-mail

Image: Notifikačný e-mail

Watches (Online monitoring)Online informácieNotifikačný e-mail