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Free space - daily check

How does the check of disk status by the solution CUSTOMER MONITOR® work?

- C-Monitor transparently collects information about the local, as well as network drives, using C-Deskript. The information obtained by C-Deskript is then sent by C-Monitor to the CM Server generally once a day, if the default C-Deskript's execution interval hasn't been changed

- C-Deskript calculates information about disks, their assigned letters (C:, D:, etc.), type of partition (NTFS, FAT32, ...), type of disk (Basic, dynamic), its capacity, free space, percentage of its capacity usage, values of S.M.A.R.T parameters

- Check of free space on drives through CM warns the user given in the PC's license, as well as the operator, if empty space on a disk gets below standardly 500MB, the evaluation goes according to the installed OS. The default value can be changed through CM Portal in Admin zone, in the left menu Parameters - Error settings, in the item Show evaluation select Disk - free space, according to OS

Setup of limit values for errors

Image: Nastavenie prahových hodnôt pre poruchy

Options to check state of disk occupation via CM portal

- Information about the current state of local drives are gathered on Customer Monitor portal. These data can be accessed through "Presentation and Evaluation" > "Zones" and select the filter "Disks - local"

View of local drives

Image: Zobrazenie lokálnych diskov

- CM Server also offers information about network drives, of the currently logged user. These data are accessed through "Presentation and Evaluation" > "Zones" and select the filter "Disks - network"

View of network drives

Image: Zobrazenie sieťových diskov

After the free space gets below the set value, an error is generated, which can be viewed at Presentation and Evaluation -> Errors. The error can be confirmed, after selecting the computer (ticking), press "Confirm error".

View of an error

Image: Zobrazenie poruchy

A notification email about the error's occurence is also generated.
Notification email about the error

Image: Notifikačný email o poruche

Removing the error

The error is ceased immediately when a C-Deskript from C-Monitor is received, where the zone is already evaluated with faultless state. This was preceded by freeing space on the drive by the user, or a technician directly on the PC.

It's possible to completely block evaluation or notification of errors at "Admin zone" > "Computers", where after clicking on the concerned computer, and then clicking on the tab "Evaluation of zones" may be evaluation of the zone blocked completely, or eventually blocked just notification about occurence of the error. There is also an option to block size of just selected drives - by entering the drive's letter into the field "Logic disks whose size is not evaluated". This is especially relevant for optical drives, or for instance, system partitions of pre-installed OS from the manufacturers (HP, DELL), which serve to recovery. Their size doesn't change, and they're usually used up to maximum.

Block of evaluation of certain partitions

Image: Blokovanie vyhodnotenia niektorých partícií
Nastavenie prahových hodnôt pre poruchyZobrazenie sieťových diskovZobrazenie lokálnych diskovZobrazenie poruchyNotifikačný email o porucheBlokovanie vyhodnotenia niektorých partícií