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C-Monitor Linux client

Linux version of C-Monitor was conceived with the same purpose as the version for Windows operating systems. Communication protocol and required behaviour have determined, that it is very similar to the windows version.

Since the very beginning we've thought about compatibility for various Linux distributions, as well as FreeBSD. The problem with binary compatibility between mere versions of Linux has lead us to use Java, which ensures 100 percent compatibility. Java was chosen mainly for its flexibility and safety.

Java itself doesn't offer interface for collecting information about the operating system or the computer's hardware, which is limited by its very architecture, which uses a virtual machine (virtual hardware) to execute programs. Therefore, required information are gathered thanks to external scripts written natively for the given, supported, OS type. Scripts are written for the interpreter bash and launched from Java. Collecting information from OS is mainly realized by calling various external programs, with processing of their outputs, which are mostly pre-installed on the given OS. If not, C-Monitor will try to install them at its own installation to the given OS.

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