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The following article describes the ways to uninstall the C-Monitor Linux client from a computer.
There are two possible ways of the uninstallation:

1. Uninstall through C-Monitor by a console command

The Linux version of C-Monitor is focused primarily on control from CM server. For this reason, and also for the sake of simplicity, the amount of commands is minimized.

Daemon, or the service cmonitor runs as a process immediately after OS start. It can be controlled via another program, cmonitor-ctrl, which communicates with the daemon.

CMonitor is uninstalled by the command


Complete uninstall, along with the license, configuration files and logs, is done by the command



2. Uninstall through CM portal

Uninstallation through CM portal is carried out at Admin zone -> Main menu -> Computers, find concrete computer(s) through the upper filter, select those on which you want to uninstall C-Monitor and press the button Uninstall C-Monitor from selected, as displayed on the following image. The uninstallation will then run automatically.

C-Monitor Linux client uninstallation through CM portal

Image: Odinštalácia C-Monitor Linux klienta cez CM portál
Odinštalácia C-Monitor Linux klienta cez CM portál