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Monitoring for small NAS

New Watches templates for small NAS

These templates will help you to configure monitoring of status of network disk NAS devices by the producers QNAP and Synology. Monitoring of NAS means monitoring of state of the RAID field, state and temperature of disks, function of blowers etc. This gives you immediate view on the status of your device, which allows you to prevent unnecessary failures. In case a problem occurs (e.g. high temperature, or one disk in RAID fails) you'll be informed immediately. The communication runs through SNMP.


 1.  Monitoring of state of  NAS  from companies QNAP, Synology       

The Watch for monitoring of state of NAS devices is set through C-Monitor client, in the section Watches, as you can see on the next image.

All templates for monitoring of NAS are located in the section Preddefined Health Templates.

Choose a device that you want to monitor and press Next.

Setup of Watch for monitoring of NAS

Image: Nastavenie watchu pre monitoring NAS

In the next window, set IP address of the QNAP device and all information necessary for SNMP communication. Then press the Next button.

Setup of monitoring for QNAP

Image: Nastavenie monitoringu pre QNAP

In the next window, you'll see all predefined conditions, which are going to be monitored and evaluated for the QNAP device.

Monitored parameters for QNAP

Image: Sledované parametre pre QNAP

The next window contains an overview of all predefined conditions, which are going to be monitored and evaluated for the Synology device. Creation procedure of the Watch is the same as for QNAP.

Monitored parameters for Synology

Image: Sledované parametre pre Synology

If any parameter should be erroneous, you'll be informed about it in time, either by e-mail from the CM Server, or if you configure an action, it can be by e-mail or directly by an SMS message.