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Breakdown according to target IP addresses (so far only up to WIN7/2008)

To view transferred data according to target IP addresses, enter the Internet bandwidth monitor in the section Presentation and Evaluation -> Presentation -> Internet bandwidth monitor, select the customer, for whom you want to display the overview, using the upper filter. In the left part, you'll see the whole network topology including all specific devices. If you want to view the overview of transferred data according to IP addresses for a specific PC, then click on this PC in the topology on the left side, which will automatically open a new window, in which there's a tab Details of PC transfer, in which you can click on the link to view Overview of IP addresses, as you can see on the next image.

View of the transferred data breakdown according to IP addresses

Image: Zobrazenie rozpisu prenesených dát podľa cielových IP adries

This overview can also be exported into Excel, the export is illustrated on the next image.

Export of transferred data into excel

Image: Export prenesených dát do excelu


Zobrazenie rozpisu prenesených dát podľa cielových IP adriesExport prenesených dát do excelu