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Archive of deleted objects

The archive serves to viewing deleted objects from CM, it provides information about deleted computers, information about Zones of these computers, grants overview of deleted customers and archive of backups and images, in which there is information about logs from backups on computers. Entrance into the archive leads through Admin zone -> Archive -> Zones of deleted computers, Deleted computers, Deleted customers or Archive of backups and images.
A deleted customer without computers can be restored.
A deleted computer cannot be restored from the archive, it has to be re-registered.
Information is kept in the archive for 6 months, after that are the records removed completely.

View of deleted computers in the archive

Image: Zobrazenie vymazaných počítačov v archíve

View of zones of deleted computers

Image: Zobrazenie zón vymazaných počítačov


Zobrazenie vymazaných počítačov v archíveZobrazenie zón vymazaných počítačov